The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

The benefits of practicing yoga are deep and far-reaching.  On the surface, we find that practicing yoga brings many of the same benefits as does receiving massage.  Improved muscular function and recovery, great stress relief, improved energy levels, greater body awareness, improved general health and an apparent slowing down of the aging process. However, the degree to which these benefits will manifest depends on the level of knowledge and skill of the practitioner.  


There are many other benefits that one may experience from practicing yoga, such as a more clear and calm mind with an improved ability to focus and concentrate.  Because practicing yoga is a skill, we get better at it the more we practice.  In turn, we will not only experience a deepening of the above mentioned benefits, we will begin to manifest new ones.  


Our body is a multidimensional vehicle, functioning on several interconnected levels at once.  As we make improvements in the function of any of its many aspects, this opens the door to new possibilities for us.  It is difficult to pin point the benefits of yoga practice because the potential is so vast and variable.  It would be easier to list the ways in which yoga does not help us, which is practicing improperly.  


It is most important to study with a competent and qualified teacher who can watch and understand what is happening in your body, and intervene to prevent you from damaging yourself.  Yoga is a powerful tool for transformation.  This transformation can work for you or against you depending on if you apply the techniques correctly.  Applying them incorrectly can cause a lot of harm, worsening as time goes on.  


It is important to have patience and humility in the practice of yoga.  Always examine your reasons for practicing.  If you are motivated to try to look like someone else, you are headed for trouble. Always remember to stay focused on your own body and what it needs to be healthy. Your practice should begin by centering on yourself.  Only then will you know and understand what it is that you need and what will benefit you.   

Books by Samuel Palmer

"Yoga And Sacred Geometry"   Samuel Palmer's second book.

This book reveals the controlling geometry that underlies the structure of the human body and shows how we can use this knowledge to refine and perfect our yoga practice, gain insight into the true purpose of yoga and become a master of your body. Packed with marvelous full color illustrations.  


e-book, 172 pages.  3D Computer generated illustrations.


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