Using The Flower of Life Grid

The flower of life (FOL) grid goes much deep than just sacred geometry.  It is literally the foundation of all aspects of life.  It has application in every field of human activity.  I will briefly discuss 4 of them here.  I say 4, but this is an arbitrary division.


1.  The FOL grid provides ideal construction lines for an artist to use in depicting the human form.  Every part of the body can be accurately sized, proportioned, and positioned using the arcs of the FOL grid.


2.  It elucidates the patterns of compensation that take place within the body due to postural dysfunctions.  This kind of information is used by therapists in understanding and correcting chronic pain and structural issues in their clients.


3.  It gives an individual the ideal neuromuscular patterns that are needed to accomplish the correcting of the body structure and function through establishing correct posture and movement patterns.  


4.  It is a link for the mind to connect to each of the dimenions that make up our true being and our multidimensional universe.  It powerfully assists us in accomplishing the goal of yoga, which is to consciously unite with the higher self (Let's all please not forget that).


The first application is very straight forward and easy to see right away.  It does not need much explaination, but rather much exploration.


The second application is incredibly complex.  The FOL grid is infinite, and each arc within it shows a transfer of force, or a pathway along which a change in posture will occur.  It links one part of the body to another and as the first part is altered, we can expect and indeed find a corresponding change in the part to which it is linked.  Of course each part is connected to every other part, but there is a discernable line of cause and effect that can be discovered by the person who is diligent enough.  This line will twist and spiral its way through the entire structure of the body and eventually return back to its beginning.  This happens very quickly in fact, as it is the way any tensegrity structure works.


We can locate and decipher the body's structural issues and understand how to go about undoing them from an outside perspective, or from an internal one, which brings us to the third application.  A therapist can help you find and make sense of your body's structural and movement dysfunction, but in order to eliminate the problem, you will have to take control of it.  A therapist can show you the problem and relieve it's associated pain temporarily, but it is brought about by your daily activities and your body awareness.  So it is these that must change in order to elimitate the problem, and only you can make this change.  A therapist can assist you in the process.  Sometimes this assistance is vital. Often it is the key to a persons recovery and success.


The fourth application has to be the most extensive.  There is no subject that is not contained within it, as it is nothing other than total enlightenment.  To know one's self fully is to know all that there is to know, because truely there is nothing that exists outside of the self.


In the material plane, the creation of the FOL grid is a matter of drawing circles.  This process can be repeated to infinity or at least to the limits of one's technology.  In this way the finite appoaches infinity.  It is different in the mental plane.  In the mental plane, the FOL grid is constructed through dividing space.  Through this division, the infinite is made finite.  This is the definition of being alive.  A living thing is a finite infinity.  It is the eternal channeled into being by that which is temporary.


The existence of life is a mystery that baffles scientists.  They cannot explain it in scientific terms.  They do not yet understand the multidimensional reality of the universe, and thus cannot acount for life within the framework of the material plane.  Complex life cannot have come about through a gradual process because in order for a body with multiple organs and body systems that are interdependent upon each other to exist, all of it would have had to arise simultaneously and spontaneously.  There would never be a time when a would be predecessor could have had some but not all of the components of a complex living organism.  Complex life does not succeed simple life in a chain of evolution.  Both complex and simple life represent the same phenomenon of infinity manifesting within the finite, being complete and whole upon its arival.  If there is to be a change in the form of a living being, it has its roots in a higher dimension.


Consciously entering the higher dimensions is the purpose of yoga practice, and it is the only way to gain complete knowledge of the material plane.  We can readily study the material plane in great detail to gain an incomplete knowledge of it in order to exploit certain principles, but to understand it completely we must transcend it and see its underlying constituants.


Trancendence into the higher planes is our destiny and fate.  It is the natural process of maturity that a living being goes through.  It is a long process and there are many pitfalls, setbacks, and delays.  Yoga is not the only way by which we can progress, but merely a powerful tool to help with this tremendous task.


"What's all this got to do with handstands?", you may ask.  The answer is this:  The perfection of form borders formlessness.

Books by Samuel Palmer

"Yoga And Sacred Geometry"   Samuel Palmer's second book.

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