Thunderbolt Pose

On March 23, a couple weeks ago, I was involved in a car accident that totalled my car and left me with a severe neck strain.  Someone didn't want to let me to pass them, so they ran me off the road.  I hit a wall, spun around twice across 3 lanes of heavy traffic and hit another wall.  No one else was hit thankfully.  The day before that accident, I took the above picture of myself.  It was the first time I had attempted to go this deep into backbend since about 6 years.  It felt better than it did 6 years ago, because I have learned so much about technique since then.  The accident landed me in the hospital.  A cat scan revealed no bone damage, so I was released that day.  I was unable to move my neck at all for a couple days, and very little at all for several days after that.  The video below was filmed on April 1st, 9 days after the accident.  

This pose was the most beneficial in rehabilitating my neck.  You may or may not be able to tell, but my head does not fully go back in the pose, because my tight neck muscles won't allow it to.  The stretching of the neck in this pose is both powerful and gentle.  I was able to push myself safely and achieve a dramatic release of the neck muscles.  I felt much better the next day as a result.  If you turn the sound up, you will hear that it is thundering outside as I'm doing the thunderbolt pose sequence.  The incoming storm reminded me what the name of this pose is.  


I finish the sequence differently than normal.  Instead of placing the hands on the floor outside the feet, I place the elbows on the floor inside the feet.  It requires more flexibility, but if you are more flexible, it feels much better.  After that, I make my first handstand attempt since the accident.  It was a little scary, but not painful.  The backbend has prepared me for it.  I just needed to trust the techniques.  They worked!  


I know I am lucky to have walked away from the accident with only minor injuries.  My car was totally smashed.  I was going 50mph when I hit the first wall, much slower than that when I hit the second wall.  If the car would have rolled, which it very nearly did, I very well may have been killed or paralyzed.  I am humbled by the experience of having been close to death, and with the threat of losing my health and yoga practice, and I am grateful that I have been able to recover so quickly.  I know it is because of my strong yoga practice that I am able to do so.


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