Student Adjustments: When to adjust?

When a teacher gives a student a physical adjustment in yoga class, the pose becomes a joint effort (lol).  By this I mean that both the student and the teacher work together synchronistically in order to perfect the pose.  It is not always productive to give physical adjustments, and can even be very dangerous when the student isn't ready.


The teacher should be able to give the student verbal instruction and demonstrate the techniques.  This allows the student the chance to learn how to perform the pose correctly.  The pose is correct when it is done with proper technique, even though the outward appearance of the pose may not be picture perfect.  The student must develop the ability and strength to work from within.  Only then is it safe and productive for the teacher to give that student physical adjustments, because only then will the student be able to make it a joint effort by contributing and participating in the pose in the correct way.


Many students have been injured by teachers who try to make adjustments that the student isn't ready for.  Teachers and Students: please remember to practice ahimsa, non hurting, in your yoga practice.  If your pose doesn't look the way you want it to, don't think that you can rely on physical adjustments to get you there.  The purpose is not to have a pose that looks perfect, the purpose is to heal and strengthen your body.  That is accomplished by your technique, and the work that YOU do as a yoga practitioner.  


The strength and force that a teacher uses in making a physical adjustment should never exceed that which the student is also able to contribute to the pose.  On the contrary, the practitioner should be making far more effort than the adjuster.  This is accomplished only when the student has the knowledge and strength to do the pose correctly and does not rely on the teacher for physical adjustments.  Instead, the student should be able to rely on the teacher to be able to demonstrate and inspire!

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