How To Use The Flower Of Life In Meditation

      I am writing this article because some of my clients have asked me how to meditate on the Flower Of Life.  Also I'm doing it because I've always wanted to teach people how to do this meditation (ever since I created it).  So rather than teach classes in yoga studios to small groups of people here and there, or personally instruct one person on this method, for money or for free, I've decided to just give this knowledge away to everyone for free, right here and now.


      Another reason why I'm choosing to do it this way is because ever since I began to teach yoga in this town (Houston), I've had some bad experiences with yoga teachers trying to take the information that they got from me and then try to pass it on as though they are the one who came up with it.  They have tried to portray themselves as the source of this information without publicly crediting me as the true source.  This made me not want to teach anymore, because I was afraid this could ruin my career as a teacher.  A few teachers have correctly surmised that this knowledge is the future of yoga.  My book "Yoga and Sacred Geometry" is more profound than they themselves can even begin to fathom.  Even after they have taken all they can from it, it is still such a tiny fraction of what is really available there, that I don't even care.  So go ahead, steal it.  In the words of the Dalai Lama, "Steal My Art".


      I will not let these kinds of people prevent me from doing what I came to this planet to do, which is to teach this information.  If they want to trade it for some money, that's their choice.  If they want to lie and say that they are the origin of the knowledge, again, that is their choice.  Eventually, it will all come out in the wash, as the saying goes.


      To understand how to perform the meditation is actually very simple.  To be able to do it effectively is quite another thing entirely.  To understand all of what is happening, why the meditation has the effects that it does, and the depth and scope of the ramifications of this information is again, quite another thing entirely.  I can teach you how to do the meditation easily.  It's simply a matter of revealing the sacred geometric structure of the human body.  This is my discovery and my contribution to mankind.  I will not give out tiny tidbits of information little by little, hoping to lead people into my classes so that I can take advantage of their curiosity.  I'm going to just show you right here, no strings attached.  The only catch is that it requires discipline on your part to be able to use this information for the intended purpose.  Sure you can use it to make interesting advertisements to get people to come to your yoga classes.  You can use it to make money that way, but you can't advance in your meditation without discipline.  No amount of money can buy for you what disciplined practice will manifest within you.


      I could talk forever about the ramifications and correspondences of this information, but none of that would help you use the information.  I could talk endlessly telling you about techniques to help you apply the information in meditation and in asana.  But to tell you everything you need to know to start your own practice takes very little time.  And once you are able to practice, you don't need any help from anyone.


      Below is the human skeleton shown with its Flower of Life correspondence; one for the male and one for the female.



      The only difference between the male and female grid is that they are oriented 90 degrees of each other.  I'm showing the same skeleton here in both images.  It is a 3 dimensional replica of the human skeleton, and it is male.  It took me a long time to create this model, and I don't want to take the time to create a female one right now.  But there are differences in the male and female skeletons, as any anatomist can tell you.  These differences have their correspondences in the grid.  That being said, anyone can use either grid in meditation and in asana, as they are complementary.  But if you take the time to develop proficiency in the meditation, you will notice a different effect is achieved by using one orientation versus the other.  If you wish to align with your gender from the start, I'm providing that possibility.


      Another thing I will point out (in case you didn't notice) is that this grid is different than the ones you may have seen in my earlier work.  Sorry to spoil your fun, but there are multiple ways to apply and align the grid.  There are also wrong ways to do it, so don't get too excited.  This way or the way I have shown before are both correct and usable, but they have different effects.  Once you know the technique, you can choose which one you want to use.  It will require a lot of additional effort and studying however, if you want to learn more than one way.  That is because in order to use this information in meditation, you have to study the image and learn all of the places where the arcs and points are corresponding with your body structure, so that you can memorize it.  If you change the grid, that will result in a new set of correspondences for you to memorize.  More power to ya!


      As I stated in the above paragraph, we begin the process by memorizing the grid correspondences with the body structure.  After you have done this, you will simply lay down, close your eyes, and visualize the grid around your own body.  Sounds easy?  It's not.  Furthermore, visualizing is not enough.  That's just step one.  In order for visualization to become meditation, you have to have the ability to concentrate deeply enough to cause your bio energy field to respond to your focus.  When that happens you will go from merely "seeing" the grid to "feeling" the grid.  When you can feel it, only then is the productive work being done.


      Here is a helpful hint.  To create the grid through visualization, you will start with one circle.  Start with the one that surrounds the whole body.  When you have visualized it well enough, then you will proceed by visualizing the one that is half that size, and centered on the same point.  Then you will create the other 6 circles one by one.  Then you have created the Flower of Life pattern.  It is not yet a grid, however.  It only becomes a grid after you go into each of the circles you have created and established the Flower of Life pattern again in each one of them.  This process is then continued in the same way infinitum.


     You cannot get the benefit of this knowledge unless you have the mental power (and the time) that is required to meditate.  You can benefit financially, by selling beautiful images and ideas, but that does not bring the same benefits that meditation brings.  To do this meditation requires a certain level of mental ability, that happens to be a very high level of mental ability.  The ability to focus on a simple task for an extended period of time is perhaps the primary purpose of yoga practice.  This is what the practice is for.  So go ahead and dive in!  You now have everything you need to begin.  The possibilities for consciousness expansion are limited only by your lack of focus.  Here is the chance to elevate yourself and discover your potential that awaits you.

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