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About Samuel

I began my practice of yoga alone at the age of 14, and have maintained a steady practice since that time.  Growing up in a secluded, rural setting, I did not have access to any kind of formal training instruction.  Yet I still led a physically active childhood, albeit, an undisciplined and unfocused one.  At the age of 14, my family moved to a larger metropolitan area, forcing me to learn to adapt to the relatively confined mode of urban living.  As I was accustomed to being very physically active, I had to find a new way to channel my abundant energy.  Adopting a regimen of physical discipline provided this outlet.


At the beginning of my practice, I was motivated by a general interest in yoga as well as a need to correct my scoliosis, which was causing complications with my heart.  As I continued to make progress in improving my bodily alignment, my heart complications subsided.  I learned by experience that managing scoliosis requires a lifelong commitment to physical training.  After 25 years of steady practice, I am still making improvements in bodily alignment and discovering new health improvments that result therefrom.  All of this has granted me the sensitivity to realize that the body is influenced by everything we do, every minute of every day, and that in order to keep this ongoing process of change working in our favor, we must actively pursue knowledge of how to take care of ourselves.


As my pool of knowledge and experience in training grew, I discovered other disciplines such as martial arts, dance, and gymnastics, and I incorporated them into my studies.  I began studying ballet and saw that it enhanced my yoga practice by further refining the precision of body alignment and improving body awareness.  Through studying various disciplines, I learned how they each have a different way of working with the body to develop it in different ways.  But because they are all based on the body itself, then each different style of training supports the others, helping to fill in gaps that may exist in another form.  This insight became the most powerful breakthrough in finding the best way to manage scoliosis and related health issues.


I began a modest career in the performing arts in 2007, performing with ballet troupes, freelance contortion, and aerial dance with Blue Lapis Light Aerial Dance Company in Austin, Texas.  I performed in many settings in front of audiences both large and small.  I performed as an actor in the Royal Ballet of London's 2007 production of Sleeping Beauty, in San Antonio, Texas.  I continued to work with Blue Lapis Light until 2010, also touring with The Jim Rose Circus that same year, to Sturgis South Dakota, performing solo contortion acts.


After this time, I began to put my training methods into an organized form and began putting together my first book.  My ongoing yoga practice continues to yield a growing body of knowledge and an ever deeper understanding and appreciation of the practice.  I began a daily meditation practice in 2007 and used this to support my physical practice.  I learned that through meditation, I can speed up my body's healing process, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Through the steady practice of meditation, I developed an energetic sensitivity and awareness of subtle energy, enabling me to use chi gung techniques to heal myself and others.  My extensive study of the body and energy healing led me to the practice of massage therapy and bodywork.  



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Books by Samuel Palmer

"Yoga And Sacred Geometry"   Samuel Palmer's second book.

This book reveals the controlling geometry that underlies the structure of the human body and shows how we can use this knowledge to refine and perfect our yoga practice, gain insight into the true purpose of yoga and become a master of your body. Packed with marvelous full color illustrations.  


e-book, 172 pages.  3D Computer generated illustrations.


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